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California Cost of Rhinoplasty Dr Kevin Sadati 35 FAfter the consultation is complete and patients are excited about the new nose they are going to receive, one thought typically enters their mind. Many patients want to know exactly what the cost of the surgery will be, and what goes into that final price point.

It is important to remember that a rhinoplasty procedure is an investment in you and in your well being. It is also a major surgical procedure, so patients will want to put their care into the best of hands. There are cheaper places to go for a rhinoplasty, but these same places do not necessarily offer the best facilities or the most highly-skilled surgeons.

Dr. Kevin Sadati, an expert rhinoplasty surgeon whose practice is located in Newport Beach, is one of the best cosmetic surgeon options for Orange County patients. He provides his patients with expert skills and state-of-the-art technology, but his surgeries are still affordable for the average person. Dr. Sadati knows that most people are concerned about costs, so he feels it is necessary to break down what the price of a nose job entails. The following items contribute to the overall cost of a rhinoplasty in California.

Surgeon Fee — As every surgeon has different training and medical knowledge, each surgeon will charge a different fee. Less experienced surgeons will be less expensive, but patients should know that they ultimately get what they pay for in this situation. Paying more money for a highly-skilled expert is well worth the investment in the long run.

Anesthesiologist Fee — Anesthesiologists charge a fee for their time and skills as well. Patients who require general anesthesia for their surgery will have to pay more, while those who simply use twilight anesthesia will find the costs to be a little bit less. Anesthesia options should be discussed with the surgeon.

Facility Fee — Most patients have three different options in terms of facilities. The most expensive option is the traditional hospital room. Dr. Sadati prefers to perform his surgeries in surgical centers, which offer patients the same quality care at a much more affordable price.

Surgery Complexity — Put simply, the more complex the surgery is the more money it will cost. A primary rhinoplasty will cost less than a complex revision procedure that requires cartilage grafting.

When patients understand what goes into the final price of the surgery, they often realize why it is so important to make a good investment. Dr. Sadati works as hard as possible to ensure that each surgery is as affordable as possible for the patient.

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