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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati - Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | Southern California

California Nose Job Rhinoplasty Dr Kevin Sadati 78 RPeople from all walks of life live in California, many of them hailing from places across the globe including India, China, Iran, Mexico and Middle East. No matter what nationality or ethnicity a person is, many of us share the same desire to look good and feel good about ourselves. Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes this, and it comes as no surprise to him that the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most popular surgery options at his Newport Beach facility. This surgery is also commonly referred to as a reduction rhinoplasty. Essentially, patients are looking to have the overall size of their nose reduced or they wish to have a bump on the nasal bridge removed.

Orange County patients who are looking to have this procedure performed should recognize that not all rhinoplasty surgeons are created equal. Many facial plastic surgeons see ethnicity as a negative thing, and view it as something that should be eliminated during a nose job. However, Dr. Sadati knows that ethnicity is a vital part of any person’s identity.

He recognizes that just because a person wants to improve the physical appearance of their nose does not necessarily mean they want to remove their culture and heritage from their face. As an expert rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Sadati is able to provide patients of all ethnicities the nose that they have always desired while still highlighting their natural genetic features.

A less experienced surgeon might perform this procedure on a Middle Eastern patient and craft a new nose with a scoped dorsum. The scoped dorsum is typically found on Caucasian individuals, and while it works well for them, it does not necessarily look natural on someone from Iraq, Iran or India. Dr. Sadati would reduce the size of this patient’s nose or remove the hump if desired, but still provide them with the straight dorsum that is more common in that ethnic group. His goal is to beautify the face and show off all that is wonderful about that person’s heritage, not turn the patient into somebody else.

Patients find this procedure to be a great choice because it provides them with better facial balance overall, but also helps them feel better about themselves. It gives them the self confidence that they need in order to move forward in life. Dr. Sadati works with patients of all ethnicities, whether they are Persian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Asian or African. He has studied art, culture and medicine, and knows what works best on certain groups of people. Ultimately, this procedure provides patients with a unique opportunity to control what they look like and their own appearance without eliminating an important part of their personal identity.

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