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Male Rhinoplasty

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California Male RhinoplastyFor many years, the rhinoplasty procedure has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery options for all different types of patients. However, in recent years, the male rhinoplasty has increased in popularity not only in California but across the entire country. Dr. Kevin Sadati has noticed this trend in his own Newport Beach practice, and prides himself on his ability to perform this surgery with expert precision. There are certain factors that need to be taken into account when working on a male rhinoplasty patient, so it is important that patients choose an expert in the field to perform their surgery.

To start, male patients must recognize that there is a minimum age requirement for this procedure. Men should not have a nose job done before the age of 17, as the nose is not yet done growing. If a nose job is done too early, the nose will continue to grow and the new nose will have a different shape. Dr. Sadati will determine if a male patient’s nose is fully developed at the initial consultation.

Orange County patients who are interested in this particular procedure should take the time to find a surgeon who will give them personalized attention and individual care. Dr. Sadati knows that while most women are looking for a more delicate, petite and feminine nose, this is not necessarily the goal for men who will have the same surgery done. Men are interested in their appearance but most are still looking for a defined nose that is masculine.

Dr. Sadati is capable of providing men with a better looking nose that doesn’t diminish their masculinity at the same time. This is a fine line, and not all surgeons have the skill or experience to complete the task properly. In addition to bringing his medical knowledge and professional skills to the table, Dr. Sadati also is a trained artist who has studied various human forms. This often helps patients to feel more at ease prior to their procedure.

Men who are looking into this male rhinoplasty should begin by setting up a free consultation with expert rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati. At this appointment, the patient will discuss his concerns about his nose with the doctor and together they will come up with a custom plan of action. Dr. Sadati will explain the different options available, and will use state-of-the-art computer imaging technology to show the patient what his new nose will look like after the surgery is complete. Men should note that this is a common procedure, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to deciding to have it done. Everyone wants to look their best and feel their best.

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