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California Septoplasty Surgery Dr Kevin Sadati 24 RPrimary physicians and inexperienced surgeons have a tendency to misdiagnose a deviated septum. It is not a widely understood ailment, so it is important that patients who think they might have this structural issue seek out a true ENT specialist and nose surgery expert. Dr. Kevin Sadati, whose personal practice is based out of Newport Beach, has performed hundreds of septoplasty procedures. This is the nasal surgery that corrects a deviated septum, and, in addition, it alleviates the many symptoms associated with this issue in the nose. Patients from Orange County and all over southern California have found that Dr. Sadati is the best choice when they need this procedure done.

Many patients who suffer from a deviated septum will find that they feel congested all of the time, and constantly feel as they have a stuffy nose. Their partners may complain that they snore excessively at night, and for some patients, it is so bad that they have difficulty sleeping. However, these same patients might feel like their only option is to have a nose job done, and that is simply not the case. The septoplasty is a specialized procedure that fixes the crooked portion of the septum and fixes the structural issues in the nasal cavities. It is a medical procedure, unlike a rhinoplasty which is largely considered a cosmetic surgery.

The septoplasty procedure helps patients  breathe easier and sleep better at night, but some patients are looking for additional results. Luckily, several procedures can be done at the same time as a septoplasty. For instance, some patients might want a septorhinoplasty done. This procedure will fix the deviated septum, but at the same time improve the look of the nose as well through a rhinoplasty surgery. Other surgical additions include an endoscopic sinus surgery or turbinectomy.

Some people are born with a deviated septum while others find their septum is damaged due to an accident or injury. In the case of deviation through trauma, the patient must have a septorhinoplasty. If the rhinoplasty is not done, the nose will eventually move back to its original crooked position.

Typically, Dr. Sadati will perform this procedure a particular way. First, he uses tiny and discrete internal incisions to access the nose. The septal membrane is then lifted, and the crooked portion of the nose is removed. Some patients have the crooked portion taken out completely while other patients will have the crooked portion reshaped and then put back in place.

If you think that you have a deviated septum and want relief from the uncomfortable stuffy feeling in your nose, don’t waste time. Set up your consultation with Dr. Sadati and begin the process of feeling better, both inside and out.

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