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Rhinoplasty & Balloon Sinuplasty Combination in Orange County Now Offered by Dr. Kevin Sadati of Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

In order to provide patients with maximum results, Dr. Kevin Sadati now offers a new balloon sinuplasty and rhinoplasty combination procedure. This advanced combination surgery is now available at his Orange County office.

Newport Beach, CA – For years, Dr. Kevin Sadati has been known as an ENT surgeon who provides the customized results that Orange County patients are looking for after a surgery. He is now continuing that trend by offering a unique combination procedure at his Newport Beach practice. Patients who require sinus surgery but also want to improve the appearance of their nose can opt to have a balloon sinuplasty and rhinoplasty combination surgery.

The balloon sinuplasty is a technologically-advanced, minimally-invasive procedure that cures the sinusitis infection and alleviates uncomfortable symptoms for patients. The rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of the nose. As an expert facial plastic surgeon in Orange County, Dr. Kevin Sadati specializes in providing each patient with customized, natural-looking results.

“Many people do not only have issues with the appearance of their nose, but they also are suffering from structural defects at the same time. I recognize that a rhinoplasty on its own may not be the best option for people, but when you combine it with the balloon sinuplasty, the procedure becomes a comprehensive solution for many patients,” noted Dr. Kevin Sadati.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is suffering from chronic sinusitis that cannot be treated by antibiotics alone, but also wants to improve the appearance of his or her nose. The balloon sinuplasty is performed at the beginning of the operation. This minimally-invasive procedure requires Dr. Kevin Sadati to use a balloon catheter in the nose. The catheter is inserted into the nose and is directed toward the blocked sinus. Once it reaches its target destination, the balloon is inflated in order to clear up the passageway and allow the patient to breathe better.

Once the balloon sinuplasty is complete, Dr. Kevin Sadati will perform the rhinoplasty procedure. The technique he uses varies based on the patient and the overall goal of the operation. Dr. Kevin Sadati is known for creating individualized surgical plans for each patient he works with, in order to provide them with the best results possible.

“When working with patients, my goal is to provide them with natural-looking results that help them feel more confident about their appearance. With this combination procedure, patients will not only look better, but also feel better physically once again,” explained Dr. Kevin Sadati.

Patients should note that other procedures can be performed in combination with the rhinoplasty procedure. For instance, Dr. Kevin Sadati can do a rhinoplasty and facelift combination procedure, or he can complete a septoplasty and rhinoplasty operation at the same time. Interested patients can use the Nose Simulator on Dr. Kevin Sadati’s website in order to see what their own personal results might look like.

To find out more information about the combined balloon sinuplasty and rhinoplasty operation, or to find out about other surgical combinations that can be completed by Dr. Kevin Sadati, contact his office today.