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5 Problems Rhinoplasty Can Fix

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5 Problems Rhinoplasty Can Fix

The rhinoplasty is known as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, and most people think that the goal of this surgery is to simply make a person’s nose look better. While this is a major motivation for many people in Orange County who decide to have the rhinoplasty performed, there are other benefits associated with this procedure. Newport Beach patients should be aware of all the problems that rhinoplasty can fix prior to deciding if this is the right facial plastic surgery procedure for them.

What are 5 Problems That Rhinoplasty Can Fix?

The rhinoplasty can be performed in order to fix a broken nose. This is an ideal operation not only for patients who have suffered a recent injury, but also patients who were injured in an accident years ago. Many people do not realize that the rhinoplasty is a treatment option even after months and years have passed.

The structure of the nose must be adjusted during the rhinoplasty procedure, and this improves breathing for many patients. Some patients who are hoping for cosmetic improvements from the rhinoplasty are pleased to find out that they will breathe easier after the fact. When cosmetic improvements are made to the nose, the structure of the nostrils will change. This can provide the patient with breathing improvements after their recovery is complete.

The rhinoplasty treats sinus problems. Patients who have severe sinus issues often resort to surgery in order to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms that they are experiencing, such as nasal congestion and severe headaches. Sinus surgery can be combined with the rhinoplasty in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive results.

The nose job is known for helping patients who snore excessively. Snoring is often caused by a structural issue with the nasal passages. When the structure of the nose is altered during the rhinoplasty, snoring may be minimized in some patients.

This cosmetic surgery also corrects birth defects. The nasal structure is quite fragile, and the nose can easily be injured during childbirth. The rhinoplasty can address cosmetic issues with the nose that are the result of a birth defect.

The rhinoplasty should always be performed by an expert nose surgeon who has significant experience with this particular procedure. Only an expert surgeon is able to provide patients with all of the structural improvements that they want while also giving them natural-looking cosmetic improvements at the same time. Patients who are interested in having the rhinoplasty performed in order to correct one of these issues should set up a free cosmetic consultation with a facial plastic surgeon as soon as possible in order to find out if they are a qualified candidate.