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Balloon Sinuplasty

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Unlike many other diseases and infections that Americans contract each year, more people are likely to, simply, accept the symptoms of chronic Sinusitis and continue to live their lives. That doesn’t negate the seriousness of this infection. Sinusitis is a serious infection of the sinus area, and more than 37 million Americans battle some form of it each year. For many of those sufferers, the infection continues to come back, forcing them to cope with chronic Sinusitis.

Symptoms of Sinusitis include fever, sore throat, puffy eyes and headaches, to name a few. Previously, there were few options other than major surgery available for patients. Now, Dr. Kevin Sadati offers the minimally-invasive balloon sinuplasty procedure at his Newport Beach practice.

Causes of Sinusitis – The sinus needs to drain in order to stay clean, healthy and free of infection. If a person experiences a nasal blockage, the sinus can get clogged. Ultimately, the mucus in the sinus becomes infected. Acute sinusitis is the condition in which the sinuses only experience an infection every so often. Chronic sinusitis is defined as a persistent infection where the patient is constantly dealing with the symptoms associated with it.

Risk Factors – Anyone is at risk for acute sinusitis, but patients who have heart problems or are battling with asthma are more likely to develop chronic sinusitis.

Traditional Treatment Options – The average patient who believes they have a sinus infection will set up an appointment with their primary care physician. This physician will often prescribe a round of antibiotics for the patient as the first course of treatment. In addition, many patients are encouraged to use a saline nasal spray to help clear out their sinuses and take steam baths to help them breathe better. If antibiotics do not work for the patient, and other treatment options have been explored, some physicians will recommend endoscopic surgery to the patient.

Balloon Sinuplasty – The balloon sinuplasty is an alternative procedure that may help those who suffer from chronic sinusitis. This minimally-invasive procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office, and only takes about half an hour to complete. Dr. Kevin Sadati will insert a balloon catheter into a patient’s nose, and direct the catheter toward the infected area. Once it is in place, he will gently blow up the balloon at the end of the catheter. This motion will instantly clear out the sinuses and rid the patient of the infection. Most patients are thrilled with the immediate relief that they experience after this procedure is complete.

Orange County patients who deal with Sinusitis every year, or who seem unable to shake this infection using traditional treatment options, should understand that they have an option available to them. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a highly-skilled facial plastic surgeon, who is known for his rhinoplasty technique and subsequent nose job results. He understands the importance of extreme precision and care and takes the utmost caution when performing the balloon sinuplasty procedure. If you feel that you might benefit from this minimally-invasive procedure, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.