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Other Benefits of a Nose Job

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Other Benefits of a Nose Job

Your nose has always been a source of contention for you, and you’ve been longing to have a nose job performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Luckily, as a resident of Orange County, you have an expert surgeon right in your backyard. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a rhinoplasty specialist based out of Newport Beach, and he can provide you with the results you have been longing for your entire life.

While you know the benefits of a nose job will include improvements in your appearance and even structural improvements with your nose, you might not have realized all of the other benefits that go along with this surgery. By improving your nasal appearance, you will improve the appearance of your entire face.

3 Features a Nose Job May Help Hide

Weak Chin — If your nose is too large for your face, or the nasal tip protrudes too far out, it can have a significant impact on how people view your chin. If your chin appears set back or weak, a rhinoplasty procedure that decreases the size of the nose will fix it. Once the nose is proportional to your face, you will find that your chin will be defined and look strong for the first time in your life.

Thin Lips — Sometimes, the tip of the nose points downward and can detract from a person’s smile. If your nasal tip droops or the size of your nose masks your lips, it can appear that you have weak, thin and hidden lips. Your smile is one of your best features and makes a significant impact on your first impression. You won’t want to hide it underneath your nose. A nose job that addresses a drooping nasal tip will help bring out your best smile once again.

Sullen Cheeks — If your nose is too long or too wide, it can have an impact on the appearance of your cheeks. If your nose is long, it can make your cheeks appear saggy and sullen. If you want to look younger and full of life, you have to make sure your cheeks appear lush and full. A nose job that shortens the tip of your nose can help with that. Adjusting the width of your nose can help your cheeks appear more defined.

After your surgery is complete, you will feel more confident than ever before in your own appearance. Not only will you love your nose, which is the focal point of your face, but you also will feel young, fresh and rejuvenated again. Your friends and family will be shocked and amazed that improving your nose came with so many other benefits. Previously, your nose might have altered other features of your face. Because of the fact that your nose was misshapen or not aligned properly, your entire face appeared out of sync, and you didn’t even realize it. It’s amazing what a rhinoplasty procedure with an expert surgeon can do for your entire facial appearance, allowing your nose to bring out all of the best features on the rest of your face.