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Dissatisfied With Your Nose Job?

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Dissatisfied With Your Nose Job?

When you decided to have a rhinoplasty done, you were hoping that you would  have the nose you were meant to have all this time. However, if time has passed and you feel the results you were looking for have never arrived, you might want to start considering your options. Fortunately, there will be hope when you do not feel satisfied with your primary rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Kevin Sadati is one of the top plastic surgeons in Orange County, and he specializes in the revision rhinoplasty procedure. Patients come to his Newport Beach practice nearly every day in hopes of correcting issues associated with their primary rhinoplasty.

There are many reasons that people consider having a revision rhinoplasty procedure performed. The most common reason is that they do not like the appearance of their nose after a primary rhinoplasty. Not all facial plastic surgeons are highly qualified, and some inexperienced surgeons think that there is a one-size-fits-all nose that works for every patient. If you felt like the nose you were given during your nose job does not look like you, you might want to have a revision procedure done. Another common reason is functionality. Some patients find that, after their first nose job, the nose does not function as well as it did before. Sometimes, new issues can come up after the surgery. Dr. Sadati can also address functional and structural issues during a revision surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty procedures are not always easy to complete, but Dr. Sadati is committed to providing his patients with the results that they deserve. While other surgeons might turn revision patients away, Dr. Sadati has a commitment to you during your time of need. He will not turn down any patient in need of a revision just because it seems  it might be too difficult to perform. He is always up to the task, and he prides himself on his ability to make a patient happy again after a very difficult time in their life.

As every revision procedure addresses different issues with the nose, and given the fact that every primary rhinoplasty is different, you need to understand that every revision procedure is unique. Your case could be very simple, or it could be complex, and this determines the length of the surgery as well as your recovery. The average length of the revision surgery is anywhere from one hour to three hours, depending on the type of work that needs to be done.

You need to know that you have a tough road to recovery ahead of you. Understand that your face has now undergone two major facial plastic surgery procedures, so your body needs you to rest and recuperate. Expect to spend between 10-14 days resting after the surgery, and don’t be surprised if there is significant swelling and bruising. Most of the swelling should subside within a few weeks, but there could be lingering effects for several months. It can take an entire year before you see the true results, but the wait will be worth it in the end.