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Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty

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Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty

While the facelift procedure is designed to reduce the impact of aging on a person’s face and is typically performed once a person reaches their middle ages, the rhinoplasty procedure can be performed at any time after the nose is physically mature and fully developed. What is the best age to have this cosmetic surgery procedure performed?¬†Many Orange County patients are interested in having the rhinoplasty performed, and expert facial plastic surgeons do not have a hard and fast rule for when someone is old enough to have the nose job done. Rather, it’s important for Newport Beach patients to be in the right stage of life.

What is the Best Age for the Rhinoplasty?

First and foremost, the nose must be completely developed prior to having the operation performed. If the rhinoplasty is performed before the nose completes its development, then the nose will continue to grow and the results will become skewed. For women, the nose is fully developed between the ages of 15 and 16 years old. For men, the nose is full developed between the ages of 17 and 18 years old. These are the minimum age requirements for this cosmetic surgery procedure. In addition, patients who are minors must have consent from their parent or guardian prior to having the operation performed.

The patient should also be in a stable mental condition and display signs of having this procedure performed for the right reasons. The rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that produces permanent results. Patients must be emotionally ready for this fact, and should be choosing to have this procedure performed for themselves and not for anybody else. Revenge or vindication are not good reasons to have the rhinoplasty performed.

Financial maturity is also important when it comes to deciding when the right time is to have a nose job done by an expert facial plastic surgeon. As this cosmetic surgery is not medically-necessary, it is not covered with most insurance plans. This means patients must pay for the cost of the surgery out-of-pocket. Patients should evaluate their own financial situations and decide if this is something that they can afford. While the rhinoplasty has plenty of benefits associated with it, none of them are worth going into debt simply to have this procedure performed at this time.

While there’s not a specific age or age range that is best for the rhinoplasty procedure, it’s important to note that younger people are more resilient and have an easier time with the recovery process. At the same time, patients who are in their late 30s, early 40s and even their 50s are often in a better financial position for cosmetic surgery. It’s important to consider all of these factors and decide if now is the right time for you. If you feel that you are truly ready for the rhinoplasty procedure, then you can take the next step and set up your free cosmetic consultation appointment.