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Male Rhinoplasty Techniques

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Male Rhinoplasty Techniques

As an expert in the field of rhinoplasty, Dr. Kevin Sadati is familiar with  all types of patients. In recent years, more and more male patients have come to his Newport Beach practice expressing interest in having a rhinoplasty procedure. While there are not significant anatomical differences between the male face and the female face, Dr. Sadati notes that different approaches need to be used by cosmetic surgeons when working with the opposite sexes. Male patients in Orange County are looking for improved results, but they are not necessarily hoping for a soft, delicate nose in the end. To achieve his expert results for male patients, Dr. Sadati uses a specialized technique.

The technique used for the male rhinoplasty procedure is often considered being a conservative approach to the surgery. Sometimes, Dr. Sadati calls this technique the sensible technique because it takes into account the type of results that the male patient wants in the end. Using this technique, Dr. Sadati keeps the nasal profile as a top priority and only removes a limited amount of cartilage from the nose. By not removing too much cartilage, Dr. Sadati can maintain the strong, distinct profile of the nose while at the same time addressing some of the aesthetic issues of the nose.

This sensible approach also focuses on preventing over-rotation of the nasal tip. A feminine nose might have an increased rotation in order to provide the delicate, beautiful results a female patient is looking for after the operation. However, most male patients do not want their nose to look feminized, and one of the keys to preventing that is  not rotating the tip too much. This prevents the nose from pointing upward and the nostrils from becoming a large distraction on the male nose. It is recommended that male patients have the tip rotated to an angle of between 90 and 95 degrees from the upper lip.

In addition to addressing the rotation of the tip, the technique that Dr. Sadati uses for the male rhinoplasty procedure also emphasizes the importance of a straight nasal bridge. A straight bridge provides a strong, distinct masculine profile for the male patient. Typically, Dr. Sadati will remove any bump or hump that is present on the bridge of the nose during the male rhinoplasty procedure. This not only improves the patient’s looks, but also helps to improve his self confidence as he is finally proud of the nose on his face.

While this is a common technique used during the male rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Sadati still takes the time to customize every nose job he completes. In addition to taking into account the gender of his patients, Dr. Sadati also evaluates their facial features, ethnicity and personal goals when creating a customized surgical plan. By combining his customized approach with the sensible male rhinoplasty technique, Dr. Sadati ensures natural-looking results for all of his male patients. To find out if you are a good candidate for the male rhinoplasty, set up a free consultation today.