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The New Nose Job – No Surgery!

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The New Nose Job – No Surgery!

If you look in the mirror each day and you feel distracted by the size of your nostrils or the prominence of your nasal tip, you might start daydreaming about the possibility of having a rhinoplasty performed.

You might immediately brush your hopes and dreams off as you consider the implications of having a nose job performed and start calculating the costs in your head. But there are other alternatives!

Many Orange County patients have found that the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure allows them to get the nose that they want without sacrificing time for the recovery process.

What is the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?
During the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, a cosmetic surgeon will inject a dermal filler into the patient’s nose in order to improve the appearance of the nose. Some alterations that can be made include hiding the bump or hump on the nasal bridge and reshaping the bridge of the nose, so it does not appear to be crooked. This procedure can provide similar results to a surgical rhinoplasty without forcing the patient to undergo general anesthesia and spend 7-14 days recovering after the fact.
Which Dermal Filler is Used in This Procedure?
The most common dermal filler that is used during the non-surgical rhinoplasty is Radiesse. Radiesse is a smooth filler that also includes bits of calcium. This dermal filler actually fills up with the natural collagen that you create in your body, providing patients with some of the most natural-looking results around.

Radiesse has a spongy consistency, which is similar to that of the nose, which is why it is an ideal choice for the non-surgical rhinoplasty. Ultimately, Radiesse will fill in the depressions of the nose, allowing the surgeon to sculpt a new shape and appearance for the nose.

How Do I Know if I'm a Good Candidate for the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?
First and foremost, you must be in good physical health prior to having the non-surgical rhinoplasty performed. All patients who are considering cosmetic improvement procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, should obtain clearance from their general physician prior to having the procedure performed.

In addition, it’s important to evaluate the types of changes that you want made to your nose. Some alterations can be made using Radiesse while other improvements to the nose can not. Talk with your facial plastic surgeon about the changes you want made in order to see if this non-surgical procedure is right for you.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have risen in popularity not only in Newport Beach but also across the country. These procedures have provided patients with convenient and affordable alternatives to traditional surgical procedures. When performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon, the non-surgical rhinoplasty can produce stunning, natural-looking results for the patient. These results will last for a year or more, and the procedure can be performed again in order to maintain the new appearance of the nose. Whether you want to look better in order to boost your career or you simply want to revitalize your appearance, the time is now to consider the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.