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Recovering from Revision Rhinoplasty

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Recovering from Revision Rhinoplasty

The revision rhinoplasty is a specialized cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to correct issues that have resulted after a primary rhinoplasty. The revision rhinoplasty aims to accomplish the goals of the primary rhinoplasty, and provide the patient with the appearance that they desired in the first place.

Orange County patients who have had a primary rhinoplasty performed by an inexperienced surgeon and were dissatisfied with the results should work with an expert facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Kevin Sadati, for their revision rhinoplasty. Given the fact that this is a revision procedure, it is important for Newport Beach patients to understand that the recovery will be more challenging.

What Can I Expect Immediately Following the Surgery?

There will be significant swelling and bruising after the procedure, even more than after the original rhinoplasty. This is because the face has been through two traumatic events in a relatively short period of time. In addition, some patients may experience temporary numbness on their face because of the local anesthetics that are used. In the first 24-48 hours, patients should leave the nasal splint in place and rest with their head elevated. You will likely be in some pain and discomfort, but it can typically be managed with pain medications.

What Can I Expect One Week After the Operation?

Within 7-10 days, most of the swelling associate with the surgery will have subsided. At this point, most patients feel well enough to return to work or school, and they also feel more confident in their appearance. It is important that patients avoid strenuous exercise and contact sports for several weeks so that they do not damage the results of their surgery or injure the nose.

What Can I Expect One Month After the Procedure?

At this point, most patients are back to enjoying their daily routines again. This is the point when you will be able to begin your normal workout routine, but if you experience any pain or discomfort, you should stop. You can discuss specific activities or events with your doctor if you are unsure.

The final results of the revision rhinoplasty will reveal themselves approximately 12 months after the procedure has been performed. This is how long it typically takes for the nose to return to its final shape. Patience is pivotal during the recovery process. Ultimately, patients who work with Dr. Kevin Sadati will find that they enjoy superior, natural-looking results after their revision rhinoplasty. They will be thrilled to finally have the facial harmony that they wanted after the original rhinoplasty procedure. If you are interested in having a revision rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Kevin Sadati, set up a cosmetic consultation appointment today.