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Rhinoplasty Procedure

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Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the rhinoplasty procedure. This cosmetic surgery operation is designed to improve the appearance and structure of a patient’s nose. Patients in Newport Beach and across Orange County who are interested in a nose job are encouraged to research this procedure and the recovery process that follows. The following information will help inform and educate patients who are considering working with Dr. Kevin Sadati for this cosmetic surgery procedure.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Each patient requires an individualized approach; therefore, Dr. Kevin Sadati utilizes different approaches and techniques in order to create the best possible experience. In general, cartilage and bone structures in the nose are altered in order to provide an improved appearance for the patient after the operation.

Candidates for a Nose Job: Any patient who wants to improve the appearance of their nose, or any patient who is experiencing difficulty breathing or sleeping is a candidate for a nose job. The minimum age requirement for male patients is 17 while female patients must be at least 15 to have a nose job.

Consultation: Dr. Kevin Sadati welcomes all patients to set up a free cosmetic consultation appointment. At this initial appointment, Dr. Kevin Sadati will complete a physical and mental examination before determining if the patient is a qualified candidate for the procedure. Patients can go over any questions or concerns they have at this time, and Dr. Kevin Sadati will utilize state-of-the-art technology in order to provide patients with a visual expectation of their results. After the consultation is complete, Dr. Kevin Sadati will create a custom surgical plan designed to address the patient’s individual needs.

Surgery Preparation: Patients must be both mentally and physically prepared for the operation. It’s essential that patients have a realistic expectation for the surgery. Physically, patients should avoid eating or drinking after midnight the day of the operation.

Surgery Risks: As with any major surgical procedures, there are risks involved. Patients should discuss their specific risk factors to Dr. Kevin Sadati. Dr. Kevin Sadati’s personal revision rate is extremely low, but as with any cosmetic surgery, there is a risk of a revision surgery being required. A revision operation can be completed on a patient one year after the original surgery was performed as this is how long it takes to see the true results of the original rhinoplasty.

Recovery: Most patients will find that the initial recovery period after the rhinoplasty procedure lasts about 7-10 days. There is significant bruising and swelling on the face after the operation, but it will subside significantly during the initial recovery period. During this time, patients should rest with their heads elevated at all times in order to alleviate pressure from the face. Most patients can return to work after two weeks, but should avoid any contact sports or activities where they could injure their nose. It can take up to a year for patients to see the final results of their surgery.

For more information on rhinoplasty, set up a free cosmetic consultation today with Dr. Kevin Sadati.