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How Rhinoplasty Reduces Your Age

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How Rhinoplasty Reduces Your Age

Orange County patients who are looking into the rhinoplasty procedure know that there are many benefits to having this cosmetic surgery operation performed. For starters, their nose will look better after the surgery, and many people find that their entire face is more harmonious after it is complete. However, most people in Newport Beach probably don’t realize that their nose job can actually make them look a couple years younger. While Dr. Kevin Sadati recommends the facelift procedure for the most permanent age-defying results, he also wants to inform patients and prospective patients that the rhinoplasty procedure has the capability to, also, produce age-defying results.

How a Nose Job Reduces Your Age

During the operation, the nose is reshaped in order to look better. With an improved appearance that focuses less on the nose and more on the harmony between all of the other facial features, many patients look a few years younger than they really are. Recent research suggests that the older a patient is at the time of the operation, the younger they will look after the surgery is complete. For instance, a 25-year-old rhinoplasty patient may not notice that they look any younger, but a 50-year-old patient might feel that they look 48-years-old again.

The rhinoplasty also has the ability to make a person look younger because the patient looks so much happier and more confident after the surgery. After the operation, a person is more likely to feel more confident and revitalized. When a person carries themselves with confidence and pride, they automatically look younger, happier and more energized than they did before. This is another one of the reasons why the rhinoplasty operation can help someone look younger.

Patients who have a bump or hump on the nasal bridge removed, or those who have their nasal tip rotated, will find that they look younger than patients who have other nasal features operated on during their rhinoplasty. A dorsal hump can be a distracting feature on the nose, and can make the nose seem more dominant on the face than it should be. An over-rotated tip will make the nose protrude more and can make shadows and lines on the face more evident. Altering these features will allow a person’s face to look fresh and vibrant again.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert rhinoplasty surgeon who has been performing this procedure for the last decade on patients in the Orange County area.
While his focus is to provide the individual patient with the results they need in order to look and feel better, he recognizes that this surgery has the power to make someone look young again at the same time. Patients who are looking to reduce the appearance of their age should make note of this during the cosmetic consultation appointment so that Dr. Kevin Sadati can craft the perfect surgical plan for them. To find out more information on the rhinoplasty and how it will impact your appearance, set up your free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.