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Types of Sinus Surgeries Available

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Types of Sinus Surgeries Available

People who suffer from chronic inflammation in their sinus cavities or from enlarged nasal turbinates may find that they experience a variety of uncomfortable symptoms on a regular basis. Sinus issues may be as minimal as nasal congestion or as severe as persistent chronic sinusitis. Previously, Orange County patients who had sinus problems had to resort to a traditional surgical procedure in order to treat their condition.

These procedures were complicated and painful, and most of them resulted in external scarring. Today, Newport Beach sinus surgery patients will find that they have far superior options for these types of procedures. There are several types of minimally-invasive sinus surgery procedures available today.

What Types of Sinus Surgeries are Available?

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery — Endoscopic sinus surgery is a popular procedure because it is both minimally-invasive as well as effective. The surgeon utilizes an endoscope for this procedure. This specialized tool allows the surgeon to obtain images from inside the nose while also correcting the sinus issues. It can help relieve inflammation, remove nasal polyps and treat chronic sinusitis. Most patients who require sinus surgery will opt to have this procedure performed in order to reduce the severity of their symptoms.

Balloon Sinus Dilation — This is an in-office procedure that is often performed in order to treat chronic sinusitis. During this procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia, the surgeon inserts a balloon catheter into the nose. Once it is in position and directed toward the sinus cavity, the balloon catheter is inflated or dilated.

This clears the nasal blockage and subsequently eliminates the sinusitis infection. More patients are turning to this particular procedure because it only takes about 30 minutes, it can be performed in the doctor’s office, and the results are instant. There is little to no recovery associated with the balloon sinus dilation procedure.

Turbinate Reduction — For some patients, the sinus problems that they are experiencing stem directly from the fact that they have enlarged nasal turbinates. This can cause blockages and make it easy for sinusitis to take hold. During this surgery, the size of the nasal turbinates is reduced and patients experience significant relief after the fact. It is the best way to treat sinus issues that are a direct result of enlarged nasal turbinates.

Patients who are sick of dealing with sinus pressure, headaches, congestion, coughing, fevers and persistent sinusitis infections should contact an expert ENT surgeon in order to find out if a sinus surgery is the best way to treat their sinus issues.

Patients also may find that the best ENT surgeons also perform other types of procedures, such as the rhinoplasty. Patients may be able to have a nose job done at the same time as a sinus surgery, improving their physical symptoms as well as the appearance of their nose. This allows them to maximize the results of their surgery, while at the same time minimizing the amount of time spent recovering after the fact.