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When To See An ENT – Broken Nose Surgery

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When To See An ENT – Broken Nose Surgery

A broken nose is a common injury among people in Orange County, especially those who play contact sports. While a broken nose may not be a life-threatening injury, it can still create complications for the patient. Some people in Newport Beach decide that they want to have their broken nose corrected with a surgical procedure.

This operation can improve the structure of the nose and eliminate uncomfortable physical symptoms such as excessive snoring and trouble breathing. In addition, it can improve the appearance of the nose if it was altered as a result of the injury.

When Should You Contact an ENT Surgeon?

There are certain symptoms that warrant a visit with an ENT surgeon. If you have recently broken your nose and are experiencing uncontrollable bleeding, you should contact EMS and get in touch with an expert ENT surgeon. Other symptoms that require a trip to the ENT surgeon’s office include difficulty breathing, a change in the appearance of the nose, or a persistent clear fluid draining from the nose.

What Can You Expect at the Initial Appointment?

If your injury is minor, then your surgeon will be able to examine the nose more thoroughly after the swelling has subsided. During the appointment, the surgeon will evaluate the injury and provide you with more information on the broken nose surgery. If the injury is severe and requires immediate medical attention, you will be treated by emergency medical personnel first and then will have to set up an appointment with the ENT surgeon after receiving your initial treatment. In either situation, the patient should not wait more than 7 days before setting up a consultation appointment with the ENT surgeon.

What Should You Know About the Broken Nose Surgery?

The broken nose surgery is an outpatient procedure that is designed to fix the structural damage caused by the injury as well as improve the appearance of the nose. In some cases, a septoplasty also may be required. The recovery lasts for about 7-10 days.

A person who has suffered a nose fracture will want to work with a board certified ENT surgeon who is familiar with this procedure. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a renowned specialist in the Orange County region, and he has years of experience with fixing broken noses. He understands that patients not only want to feel more comfortable, but they also want to look better after the surgery is complete. Dr. Kevin Sadati can combine the broken nose surgery with the rhinoplasty procedure in order to provide patients with stunning results. If you have recently suffered from a broken nose, take the time to contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office in order to find out what options are available to you.