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Rhinoplasty For Men

Every year, more and more men turn to the male rhinoplasty procedure to improve their looks and feel better about themselves at the same time. This has always been a popular nose surgery, but in recent years, the stigma about male plastic surgery has begun to lift and more Orange County men are realizing the

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Nose Bleeds – Symptom of a Deviated Septum?

Perhaps you’ve been associating it with the dry air, or you think that you have an overly-sensitive nose. If you are suffering from frequent nosebleeds, you will want to have an expert ENT surgeon like Dr. Kevin Sadati check it out. There is a chance you might have a deviated septum, and correcting the deviation

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Male Rhinoplasty Techniques

As an expert in the field of rhinoplasty, Dr. Kevin Sadati is familiar with  all types of patients. In recent years, more and more male patients have come to his Newport Beach practice expressing interest in having a rhinoplasty procedure. While there are not significant anatomical differences between the male face and the female face,

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How a Nose Job Can Get You the Perfect Balance

Rhinoplasty For Men In Orange County Nose corrections are not just for women. Many men find that a rhinoplasty surgery can enhance your facial features dramatic, and plastic surgeons more about viewing and men to learn as desired. Rhinoplasty for men is a growing trend, and seems to continue to grow in the future. How

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