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5 Problems Rhinoplasty Can Fix

The rhinoplasty is known as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, and most people think that the goal of this surgery is to simply make a person’s nose look better.


Correcting Nasal Trauma

Given its central location on the face, it comes as no surprise that the nose is especially prone to trauma. Sports-related injuries and car accidents can easily result in a broken nose for Orange County residents, and this can distort or change the appearance of the nose. Nasal trauma may result in a crooked nose

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Rhinoplasty For Men

Every year, more and more men turn to the male rhinoplasty procedure to improve their looks and feel better about themselves at the same time. This has always been a popular nose surgery, but in recent years, the stigma about male plastic surgery has begun to lift and more Orange County men are realizing the

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The New Nose Job – No Surgery!

If you look in the mirror each day and you feel distracted by the size of your nostrils or the prominence of your nasal tip, you might start daydreaming about the possibility of having a rhinoplasty performed. You might immediately brush your hopes and dreams off as you consider the implications of having a nose

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Rhinoplasty: Nasal Deprojection

The rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures largely because it can provide solutions for many different types of people. As an expert in the nose job procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati knows how to customize this facial plastic surgery in order to meet the needs of many different Orange County patients. For

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Unlike many other diseases and infections that Americans contract each year, more people are likely to, simply, accept the symptoms of chronic Sinusitis and continue to live their lives. That doesn’t negate the seriousness of this infection. Sinusitis is a serious infection of the sinus area, and more than 37 million Americans battle some form

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How Rhinoplasty Reduces Your Age

Orange County patients who are looking into the rhinoplasty procedure know that there are many benefits to having this cosmetic surgery operation performed. For starters, their nose will look better after the surgery, and many people find that their entire face is more harmonious after it is complete. However, most people in Newport Beach probably

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Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the rhinoplasty procedure. This cosmetic surgery operation is designed to improve the appearance and structure of a patient’s nose. Patients in Newport Beach and across Orange County who are interested in a nose job are encouraged to research this procedure and the

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Nose Bleeds – Symptom of a Deviated Septum?

Perhaps you’ve been associating it with the dry air, or you think that you have an overly-sensitive nose. If you are suffering from frequent nosebleeds, you will want to have an expert ENT surgeon like Dr. Kevin Sadati check it out. There is a chance you might have a deviated septum, and correcting the deviation

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Reasons for Revision Rhinoplasty

With about 244,000 rhinoplasty procedures performed during 2011, the nose job is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery options of all time. That said, Dr. Kevin Sadati feels it is important that patients who are considering this surgery understand the risk of and reason for the revision rhinoplasty procedure. Orange County patients will find

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