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David A.



June 17 , 2014 | Posted by Dr Kevin Sadati |

David A.

Dr. Sadati is truly the doctor of the ages. During my consultation, he was very attentive, understanding and willing to really work with me and my concerns. His relaxed style and laid back approach really made me feel at ease.

His nose job is superb! In my consultation with him, I gave the description of what I desired and Dr. Sadati performed my rhinoplasty all the way down to the last detail.

Im very pleased with the outcome of his work. My nose fits me and looks very natural! Not only is Dr. Sadati skilled, but talented as well. His work has become an art form; the results of my nose job exemplify his artistic ability. His staff…were professional, courteous and friendly.

Dr. Sadati is a true, honest surgeon and a real asset to the medical community. In my opinion, he’s the Michelangelo of his craft. Thank you, Dr. Sadati.