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August 12 , 2014 | Posted by Dr Kevin Sadati |

LA Barbie

Truly the Best! – Newport Beach, CA Esthetically, Deviated Septum, Turbinate Reduction
I researched plastic surgeons all over the world. Yes the world hours each day for years and noticed most doctors are extremely conservative

I researched plastic surgeons all over the world. Yes the world hours each day for years and noticed most doctors are extremely conservative and the ones that aren’t leave you looking like Michael Jackson where it’s so obvious anyone looking at them would know right away ‘Hey! She/ He had a nose job!’  I also noticed almost any plastic surgeon can give you a great profile, however, most doctors won’t touch the upper half of the nose or refine the tip nearly enough leaving people with the feeling of needing to get a revision.

Dr.Sadati did an amazing job. I am so happy and amazed how quickly I am seeing the results (open rhino/septo normally takes a while to look good) and how I went from a very difficult nose  structurally and internally to a beautiful natural nose. Any other type of plastic surgery is a hit or miss and usually comes out decent, however, with noses, it’s an art. The doctor has to make it look balanced with your face and perfect from every angle while working with everyone’s individual bone and cartilage structures. I would most definitely say it is the easiest surgery to get wrong. I see a ton of people’s before and after pics on websites and reviews of people saying how great their nose turned out and I think how much better mine came out and how much better theirs could have turned out.

Before I cringed when I saw a pic someone took of my profile and now random people are actually coming up to me saying how “blessed” I am to be born with such a cute nose. Aside from that I went into surgery crying like a baby, scared of going under and scared of surgery. I had 2 nurses, a great anesthesiologist, and of course the best surgeon there is (sorry doctors but it’s true), Dr.Sadati, who wiped my tears and assured me everything would be ok.

All of his staff is now like my second family. Kay and Tanya are also the most genuinely great-hearted people as well. I’ve always hated going to doctor appointments and even getting my splints out I didn’t mind because I know I had a great support team inside the office. Sounds crazy but it’s true. The whole experience was life changing. I wouldn’t have gone to any other doctor in the world. And like anything else, you get what you pay for. It’s in the middle of your face and you can’t get rid of it like a car.

Anyways, this is my review and I won’t ever take the time to write one unless I feel it is extremely deserved. Hopefully no one takes offense to anything I said. Note to all the readers-> don’t cheap out then have to do spend double and go through the pain twice with a revisionary and do your research. I wish I would have done the surgery years ago but I’m glad I found the #1 Surgeon. Dr.Sadati is truly the best!

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